Tropical conditions require a special type of air conditioner

My entire family has worked in the HVAC industry for generations. I grew up in a home where we openly discuss our air quality at the dinner table. We lived in a variety of places and climates throughout my childhood and adolescence, and every time we moved we also had to adapt our expectations for indoor air quality to match the current environment. Luckily, my dad was a pro at finding new solutions for uncomfortable problems. We found that the quality of existing heating and air conditioning equipment varied widely from state to state and climate the climate; dad upgraded a lot of heating and cooling devices for our family. As such, I think I know a thing or two about preparing your fragile cooling equipment for whatever Mother Nature might throw at it. I’m no expert, but I have done some recent research of my own on comfortably living in extreme conditions.

There are many considerations to make when you are purchasing your home’s central heating and cooling systems. Obviously, many people apps to choose the most energy-efficient models possible in order to save on their utility bills throughout the year. This is an excellent strategy, and one that is highly recommended for your personal finance and the sake of the environment. However, there are many additional factors that should be accounted for prior to making a purchase for your brand new temperature control equipment. 

Many people accidentally purchase the wrong equipment and find themselves over using the machine or purchasing more power than they really need. Another concern to take into mind is the climate where the heater or air conditioner will be operating. The surrounding weather and environmental factors can severely affect the performance of your air temperature control machines.  If you live in an area with potential hazards for your AC system, you may need to consider buying a specialized unit.

For instance, those folks living in tropical and beach conditions should consider the likelihood of their cooling system sustaining damage from blowing wind, debris, and salt water erosion. The Bryant CoastGuard series of air conditioning units are especially designed to tackle just these conditions. It’s no accident that these machines are ideal for sandy and extremely tropical air conditions. Researchers committed over 20 years of dedicated work to designing and optimizing this machine for providing decades of high quality indoor air, despite continual sandblasting and salt erosion.

For extremely difficult applications near the sea, it is recommended that you invest in the 187B Two Stage AC system. This is the most updated and high-powered system available by Bryant for this application. This air conditioning system is not your normal Central cooling device. Not only does the system come with an official 17 SEER rating for energy-efficiency, but this machine was made to withstand the extra abuse that comes from living beachside. 

It is incredibly powerful, capable to withstand even the hottest and most humid Summers with its two stage air conditioning cooling system.  What is a two-stage cooling system? It’s a specialized method of cooling that allows one low power system to maintain your general indoor air temperature at a lower cost, and engage has a higher powered cooling system when extreme conditions necessitate more energy use. This way, you have the benefit of using less energy from day-to-day, and still have the horsepower to tackle the massive heat waves that might roll through your area.

Besides the additional temperature load, living in a tropical and beachy area creates a whole set of environmental concerns for your AC unit. As such, Brian has worked dedicatedly to finding solutions for all of nature’s toughest elements. Their parts have been coated in a protective layer to guard against the erosive and dangerous conditions created by salt water in the air. Additional mechanical changes have been made to protect against the threat of sand on your machine.  Truly, Bryant left no stone unturned when developing this high-end piece of air conditioning equipment.

If you aren’t convinced enough about the Bryant dedication to creating a high-quality product for challenging terrain and air quality conditions, you should also know that they provide a 10-year parts limited warranty and a five-year sea erosion warranty on their popular CoastGuard series. So long as you are following their routine service recommendations and hiring a professional Heating and Cooling technician to service your machine, you are protected from damage for years.  Bryant truly believes in the high quality and endurance of every piece of Machinery that they create; not every company can say that about their products.

Make no mistake that this machine is meant to last. In fact, it’s also equipped with the most high tech options on the market today. The 187 B two stage air conditioning system is designed to work with Advanced Smart Technologies in your home. Investing in the Evolution Control system also offered by Bryant, allows you to have the most advanced control over your indoor air quality possible.Beyond offering high levels of program ability and accuracy of temperature readings throughout your home, the system is fully automated to design an energy saving Air Temperature Control plan for you and your family. 

The thermostat program comes with a remote for ease of use.  It also has advanced features such as service reminders, including notifications to tell you when air filter changes and professional appointments should be scheduled. If you’re the sort of person who forgets about your regular service needs, this might be the solution for you.

With all of these impressive upgrades, you would expect the 187B Two Stage Air Conditioner to set you back an arm and a leg. However, you might be surprised at the financing options available. If your family is on the market for a brand new heating or cooling system in a challenging climate, I can’t recommend the HVAC products by Bryant more highly. Their attention to detail and specialization has made them the 4Runner in high-tech indoor air quality control, no matter where you live.

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