Understanding why GEO heat pumps are more superior

I had just returned from taking our gap year in Europe.

There I had the satisfaction of interacting with the government’s heating dealer.

He owned a homeowner solutions corporation that would install, repair, and upgrade quality HVAC components in government buildings. He had been awarded a tender to job for the government and he was doing a nice job, however all the government buildings that I visited had quality heating especially because it is chilly in that area of the world, however during our stay there, I would acsupplier him to the numerous job sites, then i got to see firsthand the steps involved in gas furnace repair and the effects of ignoring to schedule boiler repairs. There were boilers that were in such horrible states that they would have caused a health hazard. It was his job to advise these people who were not taking care of the units to do so in order for the units to last a long time. He is a single person who knew more about heating than even our local heating serviceman. One chilly day, he requested that I accompany him to somewhere he was to supervise the upgrade of a geo heat pump. This would be something current to myself and others as I had never seen or interacted with this unit. However, I had heard a lot of nice things about the component and was excited to see how it looked & the upgrade process. The heating corporation supplied the current HVAC and I watched as it was being sited underneath the ground. It was no match for a straight-forward gas furnace though they both used a wireless temperature control. It was fascinating to see this system in action. It could be used during Wintertime & warm season.


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