What horrible weather we have

There is a storm going on and all I hear is a beautiful harmony coming from my daughter’s bedroom.

She usually just relaxes in her bedroom after taking her medication. The weather brings out her anxiety. The misses and I don’t want to see any harm she might do herself. She loses control of her emotions. We usually go out for dinner on Friday’s but today we are going to cook dinner at home. As I look out the window I see my estranged neighbor spying out his window. I think he is on some drug trip. I know he works for the heating and cooling business and the HVAC company van is in his driveway. He’s always working. I smell brownies, my wife must be baking! She also gets a little nervous when thunder and lightning starts to happen. The news said that this storm should only last a couple hours so we just need to weather the storm. I was going to work on the garden today but I guess I should clean up the files in my office. I work from home so it’s an easy life. So easy that I haven’t shaved in over a month! The company has us working at home but they said if we do head back into the office they expressed I will need to shave. I guess we’ll see how that pans out. It’s a little cooler in the house so I turn up the furnace to a comfortable level. I don’t need the wife and daughter getting upset about that on top of what’s going on outside. Come on storm, let’s end!

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