What PPC can do

I often wondered why people used pay per click for their company. The idea of paying when someone goes on your website is totally weird. This doesn’t mean the person who is clicking is going to even look at your website. All pay per click means is that you pay a certain amount if someone clicks on your link. The click could be by mistake or slight interest, but you still pay for it. I didn’t want to take this path. I wanted something that would get someone to our website plus keep them there. When our online internet SEO supplier mentioned pay per click, I gave him a solid no. I was not interested in paying just because someone pressed a button. My internet SEO buddy told myself and others every one of us could consistently revisit the chance of PPC, or pay per click, in the future, if I changed my mind. I was sure that chance would never come up, plus I told him so. Both of us began searching at other ways to do SEO that better suited me. I loved the ideas he came up with, when he talked about updating our website plus adding in SEO. He told myself and others our website was ancient, plus it needed to have some love. Love was our word, however he agreed. He told me I needed people to take 1 look plus within 3 minutes, they would want to see more. When I asked about 3 minutes, he told myself and others that was all it took to leave the website plus go anywhere else. Once our website had been substituted, every one of us started finally working on social media ads.
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