When you can’t substitute outdated windows

My condo has a ton of windows, unfortunately they are all super old.

The homeowner had the condo built in the 73s, plus then did nothing since I bought it.

In an ideal world with oodles of money, I would substitute every single window. I would get double hung in the bedrooms, plus sliding windows in the kitchen plus home office. Perhaps I would do a decorative window pattern on the powder room 1s. Since I don’t have tons of money to throw around, the windows have to stay, recently I had to purchase a residential window motion picture to protect my home. I realized that most of the windows faced where the sun shines brightly. The afternoonlight was ruining my carpet, couch, electronics plus upping my energy bills. I thought about getting windows in just those areas, but I was looking at thousands of dollars. Thankfully sun control window motion picture replacement isn’t that much money. On older windows that don’t have a superb Low-E rating, it is a superb idea to do a motion picture rather than substitute. It is a cheaper option that can save you energy overtime. The window motion picture replacement wasn’t time consuming or difficult. The motion picture is totally clear plus didn’t change the look of my window. I could have chosen to do a window tint, however wanted a clear look instead. I have noticed that my fabrics hold up better plus the condo feels much colder. I am ecstatic I went with this idea. I even read online that adding a window tint or motion picture does add quite a bit of value to a up-to-date home too.

Sun Control Window Film Maintenance

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