Yesterday was a bad day

I went home early yesterday, because I had a doctor’s appointment.

The doctor’s appointment ended up getting cancelled though, due to bad weather.

It was raining really hard outside and in general, looked like a hurricane was passing through, even though I knew there wasn’t. The wind was really strong and there was a lot of loud thunder and lightning. I arrived home shortly after the storm ended. My house was cold, as expected, because I always leave my furnace off when I go to leave for work. When I went to turn on the heating unit, that’s when I started experiencing trouble. The heating device kept making a strange noise, and it wouldn’t turn on to heat my home! It was really cold in my house, and I knew I couldn’t go without a HVAC system. So I had to call for emergency HVAC service, pay an extra fee, and have an A/C technician look at it today. The A/C specialist looked at it and told me it had water damaged, and couldn’t be fixed. I asked about the warranty, but apparently the HVAC warranty does not cover rain related damage. I couldn’t believe my luck, that cooling device was still fairly new at only 6 years old, and now I would have to face getting a new one. I knew I couldn’t afford a heating unit on the spot, so instead I went out and bought a space heater to get me through for now. I really couldn’t afford the space furnace either, but I also couldn’t go cold the entire winter. Now I will have to save up money for a new furnace system.



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