Your boiler thanks you

If your boiler could talk, it might just tell you to stop changing your temperature control settings… Family members often disagree about what temperature feels comfortable to them; Men and ladies ‘feel’ air temperature differently, with the ladies often complaining of being cold.

Female body hormones, smaller body size and lower metabolic rate are all reasons that ladies want warmer room temperatures than men, but they may bump up the temperature control settings to feel comfortable, until the male notices that she feels tepid and turns the settings back down.

There’s a proper misconception that when the outdoor temperatures change, the temperature control needs to be changed as well! If there’s a chilly front approaching, some feel the need to set the temperature control higher to compensate, and but since the temperature control maintains the temperature in the house, even though the outside air gets colder, it shouldn’t affect the indoor temperature. In general, a temperature control can’t control the speed at which your home’s temperature increases or decreases, it only controls the temperature itself, however let’s say that a man realizes that someone has set the temperature control too high and she wants it cooled off now! She might be tempted to change the settings five or ten degrees cooler – only to have to re-adjust the temperature control when she feels cooler, then and while the battle of the temperature settings continues, it ultimately makes more sense for property members to add or subtract a layer of clothing rather than heading straight for the temperature control. After all, if your personal comfort level is the real objective, clothing can address that problem. In the end, the temperature control isn’t your only line of defense against fluctuating temperatures! So be kind to your temperature control – your boiler will thank you.
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